About Me

Salaam! I’m Unakem (pronounced you-knock-ehm) and I’m ecstatic to have you here on my blog! It’s About Muslimah’s Evolving began in May 2011 shortly after I came to embrace Islam as my way of life. It started off as a simple Facebook group and became a place where sisters could post inspirational, educational, and entertaining content. After a few years, due to lots of life happening, it fizzled out, but I’m here to resurrect it in a new and exciting way!


It’s About M.E. (Muslimahs Evolving) was created with the primary intent to unite ALL Muslimahs despite where they are in their journey. Being a Muslimah simply means a woman or girl who believes in the Oneness of God and has accepted Islam as her religion. However, somewhere along the way so many divisions and judgments were created. I see a huge void in the community of Muslim women on a large scale that needs to be bridged! How does that begin to happen? By interacting with each other, trying new things together, putting judgments aside, and learning about one another. I will be sharing information on unity and sisterhood, Islamic topics, modest fashion, relationship advice, culinary adventures, women empowerment, ect. (hashtag EXCITED!)


Here at It’s About M.E. you are encouraged to COME AS YOU ARE! Whether you wear a niqab, hijab, turban, or don’t cover at all, you are welcome here!


Join me….let’s unite!