PFH Convention 4

Rolling Hills. Lush Greenery. Sunrays Galore.

Welcome to Laguna Hills! The perfect set-up for the 4th annual PFH Modest Fashion Convention hosted by Hassanah El-Yacoubi. She is a public speaker, PhD student, fashion influencer, and boutique boss! She is truly a Renaissance woman in the 21st century to say the least!


On her blog she notes that
“PFH stands for perfect for her, which is a reference to clothing that is
suitable for Muslim women who wear the hijab OR for women who simply
prefer to dress modestly. Clothing that I would tag as perfect for Her,
would modestly cover the body in a way that is contemporary, fashionable,
and appropriate for a full range of occasions. PFH draws upon all sorts
of styles and fancies. This blog promotes persons, places, and things
that are Hijabi friendly.”


The convention featured over 25 vendors from local, national, and international brands all under one roof ranging from conservative fashion, to modern beauty, to stunning home decor, to diverse cuisine. It even showcased an exclusive collaboration with SWAROVSKI to design your own hijab!

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I got the chance to see the Hilwah girls again….it’s always a pleasure getting to see them in action! If you haven’t heard of them definitely stop by! Amazing sister-trio….they made me feel very tall lol!


I was even fortunate to meet Sara Sheikh, founder and CEO of Covered Bliss. I absolutely love her kaftans! We even found out that we are both Texas girls! Covered Bliss offers intricately embroidered kaftan dresses, sleek-silhouette abayas, and full-coverage swimwear. Check her out at


This event was women only so it is a great option for sisters who prefer a non-mixed crowd. I love supporting Muslim-owned businesses and female entrepreneurs and this event catered specifically to that niche! All in all, I had a great time at the #PFHConvention4. Hassanah and her team did a great job with everything and I look forward, in shaa Allah, to attending again next year!


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