May’s Muslimah of the Month

Helloooo May!

It’s that time again ladies! Time to showcase yet another sister out here doing some amazing things! I feel so very lucky to be a platform for these sisters to reach a new audience. Personally, I love learning about people from different walks of life and what their viewpoints are. The best part…..we are all connected through one common denominator….our conscious decisions to embrace Islam!


This month I present to you Regdine, owner of Saffiyah Botanicals Holistic Care LLC! This sister founded her company in the winter of 2007. Her inspiration grew into ideas, and then ideas were put to work. Right in her kitchen, using her knowledge from science and natural medicine, she formulated her first line of hair care products for just family and friends. However, in 2009 with the encouragement of those who were using her products, the hair care line was launched. To date, she has expended the brand to include, skin care, bath & body care, and eco-friendly home based products….with more lines pending in shaa Allah!

Grab a snack and let’s chat!

UK: What was the inspiration behind choosing to start a business centered around all-natural ingredients?

R: Growing up in a family where the first line of defense to fend off sickness or infection is the use of natural remedies, I have always been fascinated by their mechanisms of action.  Ingredients provided for us straight from nature with decreased toxicity and enhanced healing capabilities.

UK: You mention on your site that your products are halal, what does that mean to consumers?

R: What makes the products halal is that the products are formulated with naturally derived and certified organic, kosher and eco-certified ingredients.  Each contain botanical complexes and extracts prepared in house to ensure the efficacy of active ingredients.  The products are naturally scented with aromatic essential oil blends as well as naturally preserve.  No animal by-products are used which therefore makes the products vegan and cruelty free, but most of all, each batch prepared is done so in the name of Allah SWT.

UK: Alhamdulilah! What is the mission of your brand?

R: My mission is to develop and manufacture quality products that will promote and encourage healthy living; a holistic way of life. I want to equip my customers and audience with all the necessary information to help them make the best decisions by choosing the right products for their needs.

Redgine (1).png

UK: For someone new to your brand what do you recommend trying out first?

R: Well for hair care I recommend the following:

  1. Shea Hibiscus Leave-in Cocktail a light but highly moisturizing leave-in crème that is great for all hair types
  2. Kinky Coils Pudding a super hydrating styling crème for those with very dry, coarse curls
  3. Magnificent Curls Purée for superb curl definition and hold
  4. Apple Cider Tea Tree Purifying Shampoo a light but deeply cleansing shampoo; great for all hair types

All three of which happen to be my favorites and they are also among the first set of products I formulated. However, for skin, bath and body try these:

  1. Chamomile Rose Gentle skin moisturizer great for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive
  2. Rejuvenating Carrot Whole Body Crème the name says it all lol

UK: Those items sound amazing! I definitely need to try the carrot body creme. With entrepreneurship we all know that struggles ensue, what has been your biggest obstacle as an entrepreneur?

R: Not having the finances to expand or budget to contract out.  I faced it by learning every aspect of the business that I needed to keep the brand going; from label designing, marketing, the day to day aspects to the formulating and crafting of each product.

UK: What is essential to being successful, in your opinion?

R: Integrity, hard work, a positive attitude, and most of all complete surrendering to Allah’s will; Living Islam.

UK: How does being an innovative Muslim business owner help your community?

R: It is helping by guiding the people involved to become health conscious and more aware of the ingredients being used in their products.  Most of all by being cognizant of our health as a whole is part of our Ummah, steering my community to that way of living, by manufacturing and making holistic products available to them.

May Muslimah of the Month.png

UK: I always like to end with this question…What is an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

R: That I am a Haitian Muslim!  Those who don’t really know me or are meeting me for the first time always have this curiosity of what my ethnic background is. They guess everything but that I am creole of Haitian decent.  Once I say it, there is this big surprised look on their face (amazes me every time Masha’allah)! Most people are under the impression that there are no Muslims in Haiti or Haitian Muslims, however Islam was the main religion of the native there until most of it got wiped out.  Many are reverting and in shaa Allah will be the highly practiced religion there.

UK: Alhamdulilah! There’s so much awareness to spread! Any last words?

R: I am currently offering hair consultations with the testing of up to 3 products in house free of charge. I also have an ongoing promotion for all new customers at my store front located in Roslindale or via the web at 20% off all first time orders by typing coupon code INNOVATION at check out or mentioning it at the shop.

Thanks for hanging with us! You can catch Redgine at the following social media handles:, and Snapchat/beautybotanic

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