March’s Muslimah of the Month

Hello March Madness! Salaam guys!

It’s that time again….time to showcase yet another wonderful sister! This month’s featured Muslimah is none other than Sanniyah of CurioStyling! Poised with style and grace through her remarkable take on fashion and styling. Originally from Philly, now in the sunny residence of Southern California, she is truly living her life like it’s golden! Per usual, grab a snack and let’s chat!

UK: Welcome sis! Let’s just hop right into it. Start off by telling us who you are?

S: I am a triple threat – An African American, Muslim female! I am hope, I am triumph, I am a work in progress.


UK: I can rock with you on that! You are the face of Curio Styling. I know every brand has a pitch, what’s yours?

S: My brand, Curio Styling Consultants, offers complete fashion styling services for red carpet events, music videos, photo shoots, musicians, TV shows, and movies. We work hard to style clients not only from head to toe but internally, using the motto “Dare to be unique and own it.”


UK: I definitely believe people should embrace their own personal style. Where did your passion for styling begin?

S: I have always had a passion for style, not even realizing as a teenager that this was a career. I used to embellish my jeans, paint on my sneakers, forced to sew because I couldn’t find what I wanted in stores and my circle of family and friends always asked for my advice on their outfits. But I have to pay homage to the original style-nista, my mother, who to this day has a larger wardrobe than me and with so much class and conviction, denies it!

UK: Lol, so your family is on the East Coast. What brought you from Philadelphia to Los Angeles?

S: I needed a change professionally and personally. I needed inspiration. I needed a larger platform of opportunity. I needed to break through the glass ceiling of growth and challenges. I needed positive vibes. Besides I couldn’t take the frigid cold, all of my pants are cropped so my ankles were cold all winter (#TallGirlProblems) and I love wearing sandals!


UK: Well welcome to SoCal! I absolutely love the weather here! In the world of styling how do you hold on to your modest take on fashion? Do you run into any difficult situations?

S: My modesty is one of the defining attributes to my style, it differentiates me from everyone else. So it seems very natural for me to sustain it, I see it no other way. It’s habitual and I have been dressing this way for awhile. It gives me a sense of regalness, I feel I radiate beauty. #Queening. A lot of inspiration in mainstream fashion comes from modest fashion designers, specifically designers from Muslim countries such as Zuhair Murad or Elie Saab who are both Lebanese. There are so many from Philadelphia climbing their way to the top as well. So no difficulties but more curiosity.

UK: Were you born and raised practicing Islam?

S: Yes, I was born in Philadelphia as a Muslim and raised as a Muslim. There is a huge Muslim community in Philadelphia, especially African Americans. I will always have love for my city, it made me.


UK: I saw something SUPER exciting regarding your work last year! How dope is it to have your work, The Beauty of Hijab, showcased in the *new* Smithsonian National Museum of African American History? How did that happen? How has the response been?

S: Oh, dope is an understatement, it is freaking epic and iconic, mamma I made it! Lol. I am humbled that I had the opportunity to make my little piece in history so early in my career. It is a magnificent honor that out of all of my work the image of African American female Muslims was chosen. Especially in a revolutionary time where African Americans and Muslims struggle to disassociate ourselves from negativity and stereotypes. Actually one of the models is from North Africa, so I use the term African American loosely as black girls are world wide. The internet opened this window of opportunity for me. The researcher from the Smithsonian Channel reached out to me. Of course I said YES! The response has been phenomenal. I finally made the trip to the museum with a lot of other family and friends from my Philadelphia Muslim community. The support and encouragement from them alone was sensational but it was really emotional to share a platform of culture with Harriet Tubman, Muhammad Ali, Oprah Winfrey, the Obamas, and many more! It’s unbelievable but it’s currently happening so it has just been so gratifying. I thank Allah (swt) for everything!

UK: Alhamdulilah! What are some ways that you would like to see your sisters in Islam come together to build sisterhood?

S: We need to stay true to who we are, continue to support each other via collabs, reposting or buying and be happy for each other if we see someone winning because all of our times will come.

UK: Agreed! That’s exactly what this blog is all about. Building an inclusive community. In your opinion what characteristic would you say is essential to becoming the best Muslimah possible and why?

S: Keeping Allah (swt) first, having fun, not allowing yourself to feel like you have to put yourself in a box because you’re Muslim, surrounding yourself with positive people who help you grow and keeping it classy because the media has already pointed the lens at us. Let’s give them something dynamic to look at!


Thank you again for allowing our audience to get a closer look at who you are! You are inspirational! May Allah (swt) continue to guide your steps.

Check her out here: Instagram @curiostyling and website

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