How To: 25 Ways to Hustle for Good Deeds

I’m always searching for ways to amass good deeds. Like all the time! Why? Because our actions in this life will indeed dictate our end goal in the Hereafter so hustling for good deeds, in my opinion, is paramount! I really love the phrase ‘Hustle for Good Deeds’! It’s something I coined a few years back when I was on a ‘spiritual high’ and feeling ah-mazing! I was thinking to myself and my mind was going a million miles per minute. In that moment I realized that I could not be lax in my attainment of good deeds. It had to be something I was intentional about, something I sought after, and something I worked at! It reminds me of a hustler! Not in the negative sense, but in the go-getter context! A go-getter is an innovative and resourceful person, someone who is known to find a way despite the obstacles and setbacks. This is the type of person we should aim to be in many areas of our lives, but particularly in our role as a Muslim.

”(And) lo! those who believe and do good works are the best of created beings.”

Surah Al-Bayyinah [The Clear Proof](98:7)

The Quran is what we are supposed to look toward for advice. It is our guiding light in this sometimes very bleak world. Allah swt is the One who will never leave our side and He is the One we should aim to please the most during our existence in this world. There is so much animosity, hatred, and ugliness circulating around us on a daily basis, so let’s do what we can do brighten the mood!

Let’s begin by asking Him to fill us with His Light and His Goodness as we must first ask for His help in all of our endeavors. Spending the time to clarify our intentions is very important. Then make a conscious effort to create habits of doing good. It is such a great way to stay in alignment. It helps me immensely to keep my mindset focused, my relationship with the Creator flourishing, and my soul enriched.

I try to continuously pray to God to cleanse my heart and purify my intentions before setting out each and every day. My central reason for actively pursuing good deeds is for His Pardon and so that He may one day grant me the highest reward in the Hereafter. I am by no means perfect in any respect but I do not let that deter me from trying and pushing myself to be better. Sisters, and people in general, often times find it difficult to find various ways to increase their good deeds; especially when they are feeling down and out. I find that it is best to take advantage of the times when He is showering His blessings on us and our spirits are high! Why? Because in those moments you are already in a state of pleasure and gratitude and that makes performing good deeds that much easier. While you’re up…GO HARD! A wonderful aunt of mine told me that doing so kind of creates a cushion for those times of low imaan; a reserve so to speak. So I’ve compiled a list of 25 ways that you can incorporate more acts of kindness, respect, and care into your daily routine. Some of these are very easy to mesh into your run of the mill activities while others take a bit of thought on your part and allow you to get creative…Enjoy!

  1. Beginning with Bismillah.
  2. Keep a Quran on your nightstand/bedside table. Out of sight out of mind.
  3. Take time to call your elders. I know firsthand that this can literally light up their entire day. They care so much and yet we fail to acknowledge it.
  4. Be good to yourself (oxygen mask theory). By taking the time to care for yourself FIRST you will in turn be able to help and be of service to others.
  5. Go out of your comfort zone (exercise theory). When exercising you have to reach deep and push past the discomfort to see results. When you push and try new ways to do good you will find it is easier and easier to accomplish.
  6. Donate financially. Never will you attain the good [reward] until you spend [in the way of Allah] from that which you love. And whatever you spend – indeed, Allah is Knowing of it. Surah Ali-Imran [Family of Imran](3:92)
  7. Random acts of kindness “pay it forward”.
  8. Stray from gossip/backbiting. “O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin. And do not spy or backbite each other…” Surah Al-Hujurat [The Rooms](49:12)
  9. Be patient.
  10. Pray. No matter how busy, hectic, exciting, or blue life gets always remember your Lord and turn to him in worship and prayer!
  11. Clean up. Maintaining a tidy and organized space is an act of respect for the blessings He has afforded you.
  12. Say thank you! Breed a grateful heart! “Indeed mankind, to his Lord, is ungrateful.” Surah Al-‘Adiyat [The Courser](100:6)
  13. Donate your time.
  14. Purify your intentions. A reward in itself.
  15. Give respect.
  16. Encourage/uplift someone. A gift that truly resonates in the heart of others.
  17. Smile at others/say salaam.
  18. Sharing is caring. Share articles, helpful information, ect
  19. Donate your things.
  20. Help a friend in need.
  21. Reduce road rage. #guilty, but a work in progress lol.
  22. Apologize.
  23. Cook or buy someone a meal as an expression of gratitude.
  24. Hold the door open.
  25. Keep unsolicited negativity to yourself. No one likes a sourpuss. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

As we break into the New Year I hope you are able to put a few, or all, of these to good use! As I mentioned earlier, let’s hustle for good deeds and strive towards Jannah! May your 2017 be blessed beyond measure and may you plant the seeds for a better tomorrow!

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