illmuslims in LA!

So Saturday night was my first ever illmuslims event experience. They came to Los Angeles and hosted two events, LeSouk and Be Social LA. LeSouk was an all ages daytime pop up bazaar designed to showcase upcoming Muslim lifestyle brands such as LibertyDenied, Thread & Beams, One Degree Clothing, Mercy x Mankind, and many more from across the world! This event was held from 12pm – 5pm PST. Be Social LA was the afterparty from 8pm – 11pm PST! Guests were able to enjoy an evening of art, illchemy (non alcoholic mixology), music, and pop up shops from rising brands. Hubby and I were able to attend Be Social LA and can sum our experience up in two words: Not Dissapointed!


Curated fashion show by Liberty Denied

I’ve personally heard of illmuslims through the world of social media, Instagram to be exact. Illmuslims is a social and creative platform for millennial Muslims. They host quarterly social events across the country in an effort to create a space for folks to connect with peers and develop a sense of community. Their events always seem to bring together a diverse crowd and I had been itching to attend one. When I heard they were coming to Los Angeles I knew I’d be there live and in action lol!


Myself and Sadaf, co-founder of illmuslims

The events were both held at HNYPT – Honeypot LA. The venue is a wonderful creative space for local artists in Dowtown LA.


We were also blessed with a special live musical performance by rising star ABIR (which was amazing!) and a short comedy set by Ahamed Weinberg. ABIR is 22yr old American Muslim rising pop icon that is taking the airwaves by storm! She has been featured in Billboard, FADER, MILK magazine, Beats 1 radio, and had a show stopping performance at NYFW.  She has great vocals and had no trouble getting the crowd moving. I highly encourage you to check her out on Youtube and Soundcloud!


Myself, Abir, Rummi (co-founder of illmuslims), and guest

Now let’s talk illchemy! I am a huge fan of mocktails and getting creative with drinks. Two options were available for the crowd to enjoy. Funky Uncle was my fave! It was a combination of mango juice, sprite, mint, and lime. I love mocktails because they allow you to get creative with your beverages and indulge your right brain.


Icing on the cake? I was able to meet some pretty awesome fellow Muslims! I even met up with one of the sisters from out of town the following day to show her another side of Los Angeles and grab a bite to eat. Let’s just say we had TONS in common and an instant connection. I’m so grateful for events like these, inclusive events, where you’ll see people from all segments of the community, whether conservative or liberal. You guys know I’m all about building a greater sense of community and sisterhood/brotherhood amongst our ummah so I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Check them out on Instagram @illmuslims and see if and when they’ll be in a city near you!



Ran into Reem, founder of AboutThatWrap


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