December’s Muslimah of the Month!

Hi! Asalamu’alaikum sisters!

It’s the last month of 2016 and we’re going out with a BANG for my December Muslimah of the Month (#MOTM)! Reem, founder of AboutThatWrap (ATW), is gracing my blog with her style and grace! I am super excited to a piece of her journey with you all!


I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Reem at Serai 2016 in Costa Mesa, California. Isn’t she gorgeous?! She has such a sweet vibration about her and I absolutely love her SoCal (Southern California) style! As I mentioned earlier, she is the founder of AboutThatWrap ( where the mission is to prove that you can have it all, a modest yet stylish, sophisticated yet playful, classic yet trendy look, each and every day. ATW is a subscription service meets style guide, embodying culture, fashion and modesty, customized just for you. Whether it’s a special occasion, a wardrobe upgrade or simply a way to spoil yourself, AboutThatWrap has you covered!

So, let’s have girl chat!

  1. Describe your sense of style in 3 words.

I would say my style is edgy, chic, & simple..I love to keep it fun yet classy. Street wear is my THING…you’ll almost always see me in kicks, rarely you’ll catch me in heels (I love em, but they are so uncomfortable)


  1. I love that you stay true to your own style. What would you say to girls who only do what’s trending?

I would say that it’s amazing and great to stay on-top of trends, but don’t fall into the trap of only being in the trend, take risks! Who knows, you might be on the next trend without even knowing it!


  1. How did you come up with the name About That Wrap?

The name AboutThatWrap stemmed from my choice to wear the wrap, or hijab. My ultimate goal in having this brand is to make being veiled something that is not foreign, something people can understand and others can relate to. I want people to be about it, and it being a modest movement in fashion.


  1. What inspired you to start your own company?

I started my business to promote sophisticated, modest fashion…the idea that you can be covered and classy, still stylish and beautiful. These two things are not mutually exclusive – you can be trendy and still use fashion to show respect for yourself. I want to help and inspire other girls, like me, who wish to dress modestly, whatever your purpose may be. To me, fashion is an art form. I approach fashion the same way I approach life in general – with creativity, an open-mind, and the desire to take fun risks.


  1. How did you feel when you ATW first launched?

The day I launched ATW was an overwhelming feeling of nervousness and happiness. I remember clicking the “LIVE” button on my website and just anxiously waiting to get feedback from any and everybody. It was just a surreal feeling seeing months and months of work coming together and having my vision come to life.


  1. How do you handle the haters?

Honestly, in life you’re always going to have people commenting on things you do, whether it be in a good or bad way, especially if you putting yourself on platforms that allow for that. But I handle the negativity by focusing on the positivity and by acknowledging that I’m trying my best to do what’s best because obviously no one is perfect.


  1. What were some unexpected hurdles and how did you overcome them? (in your personal or business life)

In having a business you’re always going to have hurdles, but the biggest hurdle of all is trying to figure out how to overcome the small things and work towards the bigger picture. Anytime I drop a new collection or even something as simple as posting a picture I always get nervous, but you just have to have faith in your brand and your work, because if you don’t, who will?


  1. Where were you born?

I was born in Cairo, Egypt…raised in Boulder, Colorado.


  1. How long were you in Cairo? Colorado? How’d you end up in California?

I was born in Cairo, lived there for 2 years and grew up in Colorado. My family and I moved to CA to be closer to family & my dad got a job out here.


  1. You’re 20 years old, where do you see yourself 5 years from now? (personally and business)

Yeah, everyone always thinks I’m waaaay older lol. 5 years from now business wise I hope to have grown a full team for ATW with different branches..hope to start a men’s collection as well. 5 years from now personally, I will be graduated and hopefully engrossed in my career or ATW (whatever makes most sense).


  1. What career track are you working towards?

Im hoping to get a career in visual design, whether it be graphically or production..I just want to be able to be creative everyday.


  1. What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

My most favorite vacation spot has been Japan…from the fashion, to the culture, to the’s just such a dope country and the people are SO nice. I would definitely go back. But a vacation that can never be matched to me is going back home to Egypt and being with family.


  1. What advice would you like to give to you sisters in Islam regarding sisterhood? Faith? Aspirations?

The best advice I could possible give is don’t let anyone discourage you and don’t be afraid to embrace who you are and how you practice your faith. As long as you are doing everything for the purest intention and doing things not only for you, but for God then you are good. Another piece of advice is just to never judge anyone…you never know what someone is going through or why they do certain things, so as a community we need to help build eachother up, not tear eachother down.

I would also definitely say don’t compromise yourself or your beliefs. It is sometimes easy to forget why you are dressing modestly, but when you do have those moments just remember that everyone struggles- find the beauty of why you do cover. Always remember that modesty is beautiful, staying covered is having courage and confidence.


  1. I always like to end with this question…What is an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

Hmmm intersting fact..I used to rock climb! Most people wouldn’t think that hahaa


  1. Like you used to rock climb for fun? Or was it something you did often? Where? How did that start? Im curious lol!

I rock climbed in Colorado as a sport…not your average soccer or tennis kid, but growing up in Boulder made me that way!


*If you would like to see someone as one of the Muslimah’s of the Month (or Muslim owned business of the Month) please contact for further information on how to be featured!*


Always Growing,

Unakem Kazeem


Here I am rocking my AboutThatWrap kimono! Head to the site and support!


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