November’s Muslimah of the Month

Hi! Asalamu’alaikum sisters!

Sheree M., whom you may better know as American Hijab, is my AMAZING November Muslimah of the Month (#MOTM)! I have been following her for quite some time and think that she is quite an amazing person! And after reading her feature I’m sure that you will too!

American Hijab is a gracious Muslimah who is known for her YouTube life and family vlogs; a blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. With over 14,000 Instagram followers and over 5,000 YouTube followers she has perfected the ability to connect with her audience in a meaningful way. Through social media outlets she showcases her individualized style, her lovely family and their shenanigans, pregnancy experiences, hijab tutorials, furniture/room makeovers, and much more! Head over to her channel and show her some love by clicking this link:



Read on to learn more about this beautiful sister and why she is a Superwoman! Let’s have girl chat!

1.Who is American Hijab?

My name is Sheree and I am a wife and a mother. I am also a vlogger and an American Convert to Islam.


2.I have to ask, and forgive me because I know it’s considered taboo, but how old are you?

I am 35 and I honestly have no idea why most people consider it taboo to ask a woman her age. I am grateful for every year and always remind myself that there are so many who never got to see 35. It is a privilege. Alhamdulilah!!!


3.For those who aren’t sure why I asked, it’s because she is a mother of 7! On top of that she can easily be mistaken for her daughter’s sister! Did you come from a big family? Did you plan to have a big family?

I did not come from a big family. I was actually raised as an only child although I have lots of brothers and sisters on both my mother’s side and my father’s side. All of whom I am just now meeting and getting to know.

And no I never planned to have a big family either. Growing up I never actually believed that I would have any children. Funny how life works, I was never the girl who dreamed of getting married and having a family yet here I am!



4.Now I’m a foodie, I saw an apple pie that you baked for this past Eid ul Fitr….is that something we can look forward to more of?

I love food and I love to cook. Recently I have been sharing  what I cook daily in my vlogs and In Sha Allah that will be the format that I will continue to use.


5.How do you want to be perceived?

Tough question. I know that people can only perceive you from where they are in their journey. So, with that said, I pray that my family vlogs inspire sisters, and let them know that they are not alone. The job of homemaking definitely is not celebrated in this modern culture. It is an often thankless journey of striving to be a better Muslimah, mother and wife. I am constantly learning and trying simply to be better today than I was yesterday and I know there are a lot of women that can relate to that.


6.Your style is amazing! Where did it start?

Ma’shaa Allah. I, like most little girls, gravitated toward fashion and dolls and makeup growing up. I spent a large amount of time as a teenager pouring through fashion magazines. There was even a time when my magazine collection was my most prized possession lol! I find that I am drawn to patterns, I love all sorts of patterns on materials. I usually build my outfits around a beautiful pattern whether it is on my hijab, on my top, or on my dress.

7.What is your favorite makeup item and why?

Currently my favorite makeup item is the Champagne Pop Liquid Highlighter in the Jaclyn Hill x Becca Collection.  I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately so  this highlighter is perfect on my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose, to make my skin appear dewy and fresh.



8.You mentioned that you are an American revert, how did you come to Islam?

I am not a revert, but I am a convert to Islam. I think the word “revert” is an interesting play on words and I understand the idea behind it. But I stand strong in the belief that we generally use the word “revert” to explain bad habits that we fell back into. Islam is a beautiful religion that I was fortunate enough discover. I see my conversion to Islam as a positive step that I made and entered into consciously. So when I am asked I always say I converted to Islam.
9.If you could give one piece of advice to Muslimahs out there what would it be?

Make the best of what you have. I think we, as Muslim women, have fallen into the same trap as everyone else. Too much social media is causing us to believe that we aren’t enough or we don’t have enough. I say this from experience. Sometimes I just have to take a step back from social media and remind myself that I have enough and more importantly that I am enough.

10.Any advice for Muslimahs struggling to dress modest?

My best advice is just to be easy on yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over hijab (headscarf) and don’t allow anyone else to criticize you over it either. When the time is right, you will find what works for you and that will be between you and Allah (swt). Period.



11.I always like to end with this question…What is an interesting fact about you that most people don’t know?

I am secretly a super hero.


Lots of Love,



*If you would like to see someone as one of the Muslimah’s of the Month (or Muslim owned business of the Month) please contact for further information on how to be featured!*


Always Growing,

Unakem Kazeem

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